Plats & Covenants

Updated: July 23, 2018
Plat Name Plat(s) Covenants & As-Built Documents
Alice Patricia Homes N/A
Allcott Subdivision N/A
Angaran Addition Angaran Plat 1 N/A
Ashworth North N/A
Ashworth South N/A
Autumn Ridge
Belfry Estates Belfry Estates Plat 1 Belfry Estates Plat 1 Covenants
Bierma Acres Bierma Acres Plat 1 N/A
Boast Plat 1 N/A
Boulder Pointe
Brandon's Reserve
Brentwood Brentwood Plat 1 Brentwood Plat 1 Covenants
Brighton Park Brighton Park Plat 1 Brighton Park Plat 1 Covenants
Brummett Acres Brummett Acres Plat 1 N/A
Burger's Addition Burgers Addition Plat 1 N/A
Candelridge Park Candelridge Park Plat 1 N/A
Carper's Ridge Carper's Ridge Plat 1 N/A
Cherry Glen Cherry Glen Plat 1
Cherry Glen Plat 2
Cherry Glen Plat 1 Covenants
Clayton Commons Clayton Commons Plat 1
Clayton Estates 
Cook Heights Cook Heights Plat 1 N/A
Copeland's Addition Copeland's Addition Plat 1 N/A
Corene Acres
Country Club Woods
Cove at Kettlestone
Deery Brothers Waukee Development N/A
Doc's Orchard Estates Doc's Orchard Estates Plat 1 Doc's Orchard Estates Plat 1 Covenants
Dolmage Estates
Donahey's Addition Donahey's Addition Plat 1 N/A
Drew's Addition N/A
Duprez Place Duprez Place Plat 1 N/A
Enterprise Business Park N/A
Everglade Subdivision Everglade Subdivision Plat 1 N/A
Ferree's Addition


Fox Creek Estates
Fridley Palms  N/A
Glynn Village
Gopher Hollow N/A
Gracewood Gracewood Plat 1 Gracewood Plat 1 Covenants
Grant Park
Grant Woods Waukee
Hawthorne Ridge
Hawthorne Ridge Townhomes Hawthorne Ridge Townhomes (TH) Plat 1 Hawthorne Ridge TH Plat 1 Covenants
Hemingway Hemingway Plat 1
Hickman West Industrial Park HWIP Plats 1 and 2 Covenants
Hickory Commercial Park N/A
Hunsberger Proprietor Hunsberger Proprietor Plat 3 Covenants
I-80 West Industrial Park N/A
Indigo Ridge
Insite Development N/A
Interstate Business Ventures Interstate Business Ventures Plat 1 N/A
Kettlestone Heights
Kettlestone Ridge
Lami's Subdivision N/A
Legacy Pointe

Leonard's Subdivision Leonard's Plats 1 and 2 Covenants
Liberty Park Liberty Park Plat 1 Liberty Park Plat 1 Covenants
Lyon Acres Lyon Acres Plat 1 N/A
Mary Ann Estates N/A
McGregor Plat 1 N/A
Meadowland Townhomes Meadowland Townhomes Plat 1 N/A
Midwest Commercial Development Midwest Commercial Development Plat 1 N/A
Milo's Ridge N/A
Northview Estates N/A
  • SE Kettlestone Blvd. CDs
Oakwood Estates Oakwood Estates Plat 1 Oakwood Estates Plat 1 Covenants
Painted Woods
Painted Woods West
Park View Commons Park View Commons Plat 1 N/A
Parkview Crossing
Prairie Crossing
Ramsey Heights N/A
Rebel Ridge Estates Rebel Ridge Estates Plat 1 N/A
Ridgway Estates Ridgway Estates Plat 1 N/A
Roll-N-Valley Roll-N-Valley Plat 1 N/A
Sahu Acres Sahu Acres Plat 1 Sahu Acres Plat 1 Covenants
Seven Pines Seven Pines Plat 1 Seven Pines Plat 1 Covenants
Shearon Place Shearon Place Plat 1 N/A
Snyder Corner Snyder Corner Plat 1 N/A
Southfork Southfork Plat Covenants (All Plats)
Southfork Woods Southfork Woods Covenants (All Plats)
Southview Estates Southview Estates Plat 1 Southview Estates Plat 1 Covenants
Spirit of the Horse Spirit of the Horse Plat 1 N/A
Spring Crest 
Stone Prairie
Sugar Creek Acres Sugar Creek Acres Plat 1 N/A
Sugar Creek Estates Sugar Creek Estates Plat 1 Sugar Creek Estates Plat 1 Covenants
Sugar Creek Hills Sugar Creek Hills Plat 1 Sugar Creek Hills Plat 1 Covenants
Sugar Grove Heights Sugar Grove Heights Plat 1 Covenants
Sunrise Meadows
Teig and Garnes Addition Teig and Garnes Addition Plat 1 N/A
The Landing at Shadow Creek
The Pointe The Pointe Plat 1 N/A
The Shops at Kettlestone North Plat 1 N/A
 Timberline Ridge Plat 1
Timberline Ridge Plat1
Timberline Ridge Plat 1 Covenants
Village at Gracewood Village at Gracewood Plat 1 Village at Gracewood Covenants
Village at Shadow Creek Village at Shadow Creek Plat 1 N/A
Ville D'Avray Ville D'Avary Plat 1 Ville D'Avary Plat 1 Covenants
Walnut Ridge Walnut Ridge Covenants (All Plats)
Warrior Ridge Warrior Ridge Plat
Waukee Family Townhomes Waukee Family Townhomes Plat 1 Waukee Family Townhomes Covenants
Waukee Market Place
Westfield Westfield Plat 1 N/A
Westgate Business Park (WBP) WBP Plat 2 Covenants
Westgate Residential
Westown Meadows
Williams Pointe
Williams Pointe Townhomes
  •  N/A
Willow Brook
Windfield I
Willow Pines
Windfield II
Windfield Commercial Windfield Commercial Plat 1 N/A
Windfield II Townhomes Windfield II Townhomes (TH) Plat 1 Windfield II TH Plat 1 Covenants
Windfield Multifamily N/A
Windsor West Windsor West Plat 1 Windsor West Plat 1 Covenants