Waukee offers 19.2 miles of winding trails that connect neighborhoods and residents to different parts of the fast-growing city. Waukee has found that investing funds in trails and greenways makes it easier for people to travel by foot or bike in their own neighborhoods and beyond, fostering a greater sense of community. Waukee leaders know that designing the community to support active pursuits through a comprehensive trail system also creates recreational opportunities and safety, while promoting a healthy lifestyle. Waukee leaders’ long-term goal is to create connections that allow users access to every part of the city while also granting passage to neighboring communities. See the map below for Waukee’s existing trails and plans for future trails. You can read more about the future of the trails system in Waukee in this great article from myWaukee magazine.

The Racoon River Valley Trail was designated as "One of Iowa's Great Places" by the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs in January 2015. This honor came with a $200,000 state grant that will help build a major public art installation at the trailhead in Waukee. Read more about the trailhead art project or take advantage of the Raccoon River Valley Trail  website for information about its 89 miles of trails and maps of the complete Raccoon River Valley Trail System.

Trails Map