Waukee Cable Channel

Cable Channel 7 / Digital Channels 86 or 97-1 is the government access channel for the City of Waukee. It is only accessible to Mediacom subscribers within Waukee city limits. The government access channel is meant to provide Waukee residents with information on city government, services, programs, and activities.

For information on the types of programming or community calendar events allowed to air on Waukee's government access channel, download the Policy and Guidelines. To submit your program or event for air, or if you have questions about Waukee's government access channel, contact the City Clerk.

Programming Schedule
City Council and certain board and committee meetings are broadcast live. Meetings are rebroadcast as follows, with the most current meeting airing until a new meeting is held:
Board / Committee
Airing Day
Airing Time
City Council Daily 7 a.m. and 3 p.m.
Planning and Zoning Wednesdays and Thursdays Noon
Park Board Fridays and Saturdays Noon

Special Programming
Airing Day
Airing Time
EPA Stormwater Video 1st Wednesday of the month 11 a.m.