Snow Ordinances & Parking

If an inch or more of snow is forecast, Waukee will implement our snow ordinance (Waukee Municipal Code §502.17). If the snow ordinance is put into effect during the overnight hours, consideration will be given to allow citizens time to move their vehicles the next morning. 

Every attempt is made to get our streets clear of snow as quickly and safely as possible after a snow storm. Please give consideration to moving your vehicle off the street prior to retiring for the evening or departing for work in the morning when snow is forecast.

Snow Emergency Alerts through Nixle

The Nixle program allows the Waukee Police Department to instantly connect with residents via text message and e-mail to relay important, neighborhood-level information, such as snow ordinance declarations and winter weather issues. You can register online.

The ordinance is announced on the following television and radio stations.

  • WHO
  • KKDM
  • KPTL
  • KXNO
  • KDRB
  • KIOA (AM & FM)
  • KRNT (AM & FM)
  • KSTZ
  • KAZR
  • KPSZ
  • KWKY
  • KJJY
  • KBGG (AM & FM)
  • KGGO
  • KLTI
  • KHKI
If you are issued a violation citation for not moving your vehicle from the street during a snow ordinance, the fine is $25 and your vehicle could be impounded. Please contact the Waukee Police Department at 515-978-7979 if you have questions.