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The City of Waukee is a dynamic and growing community that was incorporated in 1878. Over the years Waukee has transformed from a small rural town to an active suburb of the Greater Des Moines Metropolitan Area. Waukee upholds a small town atmosphere focused on families and friends with convenient access to local and regional amenities. The Waukee community has long made investing in families an important part of the culture in Waukee, which is evident in the quality of its school district, park facilities and annual festivals held throughout the year.

The City of Waukee has been recognized as the fastest growing community in the State of Iowa as well as being located within one of the fastest growing counties within the United States. The official Census estimate based on July 2013 data is 17,077. Waukee is located within Dallas County, Iowa, which in 2008 was recognized by CNN Money.com as one of the top counties for job growth.

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