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  1. Snow Birds

    If a citizen is leaving for a minimum of 3 consecutive months, they will be covered by the snow birds program.

  2. Landlord Information

    Discover what are Landlord's responsibilities.

  3. Holidays

    View what holidays the office is closed.

  4. Citywide Clean-Up

    Citywide clean-up takes place the first weekend each May. Residents may safely dispose of hazardous waste, tires, and bulky items.

  5. Garbage & Recycling Services

    Search for information about garbage and recycling services.

  6. Yard Waste

    Yard waste collection takes place April through November.

  7. Gas Rebate Program

    The City of Waukee provides rebates for replacement of old gas furnaces and water heaters with high efficiency gas furnaces and water heaters. Rebates are also offered for the purchase of new replacement gas stoves, gas clothes dryers, and gas fireplaces.