Grant Park and Windfield Park Improvments

Grant Park and Windfield Park will be remodeled in the Spring of 2015, and are expected to open in June 2015.  Improvements include upgraded play equipment, landscaping, basketball courts, and more.
Estimated Cost: $631,083.70
Estimated Start Date: April 2015
Estimated Completion Date: June 2015
Contractor: Joiner Construction
City Staff Project Contacts: Matt Jermeir, Parks and Recreation Director
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Project Description: Grant Park Improvements will consist of additional pedestrian connections, security lighting, basketball court, bike racks, handicap accessible play area, age appropriate play equipment and landscaping.
See a drawing of the Grant Park Plan

Windfield Park Improvements will consist of a new restroom/shelter facility, basketball court, interconnecting trails, nature play area, landscaping and age appropriate play equipment.
See a drawing of the Windfield Park Plan
Windfield 3
Windfield's Open Shelter
Grant Park 2