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The City of Waukee is updating its Comprehensive Plan, looking to the future as far out as 2040. Due to record-breaking growth and development in recent years, the time has come to update the community’s vision. "Imagine Waukee 2040" will act as a strategic map to help reach Waukee's greatest potential. Comprehensive planning is an important tool for cities to guide future development of land to ensure a safe, pleasant and economical environment for residential, commercial, industrial and public activities. Hoisington Koegler Group, Inc. is the firm working with the City to help layout a long-lasting plan for the future.

And, we need YOUR help with the process! See the calendar to the right for upcoming workshops for community members.


For further questions and inquiries regarding Imagine Waukee 2040, please contact the Waukee Development Services Department at 515-978-9533 or email Development Services Director Brad Deets.

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As part of the City's new Comprehensive Plan process, we have a fun tool you can use to tell us what you think about Waukee. Check out Social Pinpoint! 

Click on the image to the left, zoom in, click on the map of Waukee, and comment on all things from housing to retail to parks. Explore Waukee through this interactive tool, and provide feedback that will help us plan for the future.


  1. Imagine Waukee 2040 Plan Moves Forward

    Following an online community survey, Social Pinpoint feedback, an elected official/board and commission session, and a community member workshop, the Imagine Waukee 2040 Comprehensive Plan is making great progress. See what's been going on...
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