2017 Spring/Summer Programs

Registration begins March 1, 2017!

  1. Register for Programs

    Register for Programs

    Register for Waukee Parks & Recreation programs.

  2. 2017 Spring/Summer Program Guide

    2017 Spring/Summer Program Guide

    View a readable PDF of the 2017 Fall/Winter Program Guide.

  3. Information and Policies

    Information and Policies

    Learn how to find the right Waukee Parks & Recreation program for you or your family, and read up on the policies.

  4. Adult Activities and Day Trips

    Adult Activities and Day Trips

    Waukee Parks & Recreation organizes adult activities and day trips that are popular among retirees and young adults alike.

  5. Adult Sports & Fitness

    Adult Sports & Fitness

    Waukee Parks & Recreation offers adult sports and activities to help you meet fitness goals and have fun!

  6. Golf Leagues

    Golf Leagues

    All playing abilities are welcome to register for Sugar Creek Golf Course men's and women's golf leagues.

  7. Golf Tournaments

    Golf Tournaments

    Play in a Mixed Couples Event or in the City Championship!

  8. Junior Golf Programs

    Junior Golf Programs

    All Junior Golf programs are coordinated and supervised by PGA Golf Professionals with the assistance of local collegiate scholarship golfers.

  9. Youth Camps & Activities

    Youth Camps & Activities

    Waukee Parks and Recreation offers a number of youth recreational activities.

  10. Youth Sports

    Youth Sports

    Waukee Parks and Recreation hosts a variety of sports programs for children of all ages.