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Citizen of the Year Nomination Form

  1. RULES:
    • The Selection Committee includes the Mayor of the City of Waukee, Waukee Community School District superintendent, current Waukee Area Chamber of Commerce president and last year’s Citizen of the Year.
    • The deadline for nominations is February 10, 2017.
    • Nominees for Citizen of the Year will be considered for their volunteer service to the city, schools, civic organizations, churches or community and on other criteria developed by the committee. In order to be considered for the award, a nominee must be a Waukee resident. Selection will not be based strictly on the number of nominations received for a particular nominee.
    • Nominations received will become the property of the City of Waukee and are public record.
    • The Selection Committee will review all the nominations and select a recipient.
    • The Mayor will announce the name of the recipient at a regular council meeting in March.
    • The City will host a reception honoring the Citizen of the Year. The Citizen of the Year will also be recognized by riding in the parades for the 4th of July and Celebrate Waukee.

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