Larry R. Lyon

Larry R. Lyon, Candidate for City Council

Family and Occupation

My wife Lori and I have been married for 33 years. She is a Reading Recovery Teacher Leader for Des Moines Public Schools. She also serves on the Waukee Board of Education. We moved to Waukee in 1996. We have three sons - Logan, Lucas and Lansing. Professionally, I own and operate RemodelWork. a design/build residential and commercial remodeling firm. We specialize in kitchen, master bathroom, basement and commercial tenant improvement projects.

Why are you running for City Council again?

I enjoy a challenge. Many people have heard me repeat the phrase 'Community service is the rent we pay for space on this earth.' It's something my dad used to say, and I took it to heart. This community has been a blessing to my family and to me. It is my pleasure to repay my community for all it has done for us. Cities and school districts depend on volunteers for leadership, guidance and oversight so its citizens receive equal representation. 

Because we've made our home here for 23 years, I feel that I bring a historical perspective to the Council that will be important going forward as we finish our community park and recreation complex, play for our new City campus and fill our need for affordable housing, to name a few.

What qualifications do you believe make you a viable candidate?

I consider myself to be a big picture thinker. I enjoy looking ahead to help create a vision for what our City will look like in the future. We have so much to look forward to! I have six years of previous experience on the Waukee City Council and 11 years of experience on the Waukee School Board. This combined experience allows me to make informed decisions that will ensure the continued growth of both entities.

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