Where to Donate Items

Spring Cleaning: Where to Donate or Recycle Your Kid Clutter

DSM4Kids Spring is a great time to get organized and clear out the clutter. But figuring out what to do with those hard-to-give-away items can be challenging. Perhaps they are expensive — think prom dresses and sports gear — or sentimental things like books and stuffed animals – or are past their prime like old shoes or electronics. The following options give you the satisfaction of knowing you made a responsible, clutter-clearing choice that happens to do something good for someone else or the Earth by giving to a local charity or recycling program. The articles lists ideas on where to donate art supplies, books, baby gear and more. Read it now.

Waukee Area Christian Services

Waukee Area Christian Services (WACS) is a non-profit outreach ministry supported by Waukee area churches. Our organization is united in helping people in Waukee and all of Dallas County with supplemental food, clothing, basic health care and assistance with housing and school essentials.

The organization accepts donations of:

  • Food
  • Infant supplies (diapers, formula, wipes, etc.)
  • Gently used clothing
  • Health supplies (allergy medications, over-the-counter medications, pharmacy gift cards)
  • Birthday party supplies
  • Professional services to support their volunteer efforts

Find more information on what items are accepted and drop-off sites at WaukeeChristianServices.org/Donate.