National Park and Recreation Month

In Waukee, you can celebrate Park and Recreation Month by visiting our parks, attending programming and sharing a note of appreciation for the dedicated staff who create and care for these beloved amenities in Waukee. We put together a calendar of 31 fun things to do to enjoy programming and parks around Waukee. Share a picture or a highlight of your experience on Facebook or Twitter and be sure to tag Waukee Parks and Recreation! If Instagram is your preferred platform, tag the City of Waukee. We can't wait to see your discoveries and favorite moments. 

Created by the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA), National Park and Recreation Month highlights the essential and powerful role local park and recreation professionals — such as our staff at Waukee Parks and Recreation — play in building stronger, more vibrant and more resilient communities all across the country. Each July, we celebrate the vital role parks and recreation professionals play in bringing people together, providing essential services and fostering the growth of our community. For more information about the national month, visit

Teal green background with yellow circle showing people in park and words: where community grows

calendar listing 31 activities to complete in July for National Parks and Recreation Month

Find a Golden Ticket

Five golden tickets will be hidden in different Waukee parks on July 29 by noon (one ticket each in five different parks). There is no fee to participate. Only one ticket can be redeemed per person.

To claim the prize for your ticket, follow the instructions on the back of the ticket to contact Waukee Parks and Recreation. The giveaway is open until all five tickets are claimed or September 30, 2023, whichever comes first.