Community & Economic Development

The Waukee Community & Economic Development Department aims to protect business and citizen investments and improve quality of life by planning strategically for tax base expansion and employment opportunities. The department recognizes that its investments in infrastructure, education and labor are vital to the success of area businesses and to the economy as a whole.

In both 2016 and 2017, the City issued more than $200 million in building permits. Business is booming in every corners of Waukee. Holmes Murphy opened its doors at its new location in Waukee’s Kettlestone development. Apple is expected to break ground on its new data center in late 2018. And, Fridley Theatres’ new IMAX location in Waukee is on track for a November 2018 opening.

The City of Waukee is development-friendly and ready to collaborate with those wishing to invest in the community.

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