Permits & Applications

NOTE: No permit is needed for residential re-roofing.  However, ice barrier underlayment is required by local amendment.

PRODUCT RECALL SAFETY NOTICE: QO™ Plug-on-Neutral Load Center, Manufactured Feb. 1, 2020-Jan. 12, 2022. Please contact a licensed electrical contractor to verify applicability to what has been installed and its potential applicability with the recall notice.

View a recent update related to PEXa pipe usage.

Building Permits

Building Permits are processed by the Community Development Department. Applications may be submitted at Waukee City Hall. The City of Waukee has adopted the 2018 International Building Code and the 2020 National Electrical Code. Residential and commercial permit fees are calculated and builders are notified of permit costs upon issuance. Permit fee calculator spreadsheets are available to aid in estimating permit fees. For more information, view Waukee Municipal Codes & Ordinances related to Building Code Regulations and Zoning.

Permit Required ApplicationReference Documents
Single Family Home
New Home
Single Family Packet
Online Submittal or
Printable Form
Residential Permit Fee Calculator (PDF)
Building Valuation Data Chart (PDF)
Single Family Home
Online Submittal or
Printable Form (PDF)
Residential Permit Fee Calculator
Building Valuation Data Chart (PDF)
Commercial BuildingOnline Submittal or
Printable Form (PDF)
Commercial and Industrial Permit Fee Calculator (PDF)
Building Valuation Data Chart (PDF)
Accessory BuildingOnline Submittal or
Printable Form (PDF)
Accessory Building (PDF)
FenceOnline Submittal or
Printable Form (PDF)
Fence (PDF)
DeckOnline Submittal or
Printable Form (PDF)
Deck (PDF)
Home OccupationOnline Submittal or
Printable Form (PDF)

PoolOnline Submittal or
Printable Form (PDF)
Informational Flyer
SignsOnline Submittal or
Printable Form (PDF)
Permanent Signs (PDF)
Temporary Sign (PDF)
Temporary UseTemporary Use Sales Permit (PDF)
Facade ImprovementFacade Improvement Application (PDF)

SolarCommercial Form (Fillable) or
Commercial Form (Printable)
Single Family Form (Fillable) or
Single Family Form (Printable)
Solar Checklist
One & Two Family Homes
Mobile Food UnitMobile Food Unit Form (Printable) or Mobile Food Unit Form (Fillable)Mobile Food Unit Regulations
Raccoon River Valley Trail Trailhead Parking Locations
Trades Permit ApplicationOnline Submittal or
Printable Form (PDF)

Rental Property License and Inspection Forms

The City of Waukee’s Rental Inspection Program is required pursuant to Chapter 364.17 of the Iowa Code. The purpose of this code is to ensure property owners, their agents and others who rent out residential dwellings/sleeping units, meet their responsibilities with respect to safety of the premises. Annual inspections are required for all rental property units in Waukee with the exception of those with Certificates of Occupancy less than two years old.

NameFormsReference Documents
Rental Housing Inspection Certificate (Required)Online Form or Printable PDFInspection Fee Calculator
Inspection Tips
Desigated Agent Registration Form (Required if using an agent)Online Form or Printable PDF
Rental Inspection Appeal Request Form (As needed)Online Form or Printable PDF
Rental Housing Complaint Form (For tenants)Online Form or Printable PDFComplaint Brochure

Sidewalk and Utility Applications

Sidewalk and Utility Permits are handled by the Waukee Public Works department. Applications may be submitted at the Waukee Public Works building.

ApplicationRequired ApplicationReference Documents
Construction Site Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance
COSESCO Application and Checklist (PDF)
Gas Rebate ProgramGas Rebate Program
Natural Gas Main ExtensionNatural Gas Main Extension Agreement (PDF)
Utility PermitUtility PermitSmall Wireless Facility Policy
Small Wireless Facility Design Guidelines
Sidewalk/ApproachSidewalk/Approach PermitInstallation Design Standards
Replacement Criteria
Oversize - Overweight PermitOversize-Overweight Permit
Annual (PDF)
One-Trip (PDF)

Citywide Permit Applications

Citywide permit applications are handled by the City Clerk. Permit applications may be submitted online. Deposits and fees may be paid by cash or check made payable to City of Waukee at Waukee City Hall.

ApplicationRequired Application
Block Party Permit ApplicationBlock Party Permit Application
Fireworks Display ApplicationFireworks Display Application
Peddlers Permit ApplicationPeddlers Permit Information and Application
Special Event ApplicationSpecial Event Application

Animal Permits/Licenses

The City of Waukee has two types of animal-related permits/licenses.

Permit/License TypeRequired Application and Information
Dog and Cat Pet LicenseAnnual License
Urban Chickens (Hens) PermitAnnual Permit