Permanent Irrigation Meters & Backflow

Purchasing an Irrigation Meter

The City of Waukee offers two types of irrigation meters:

1) The portable irrigation meter can be purchased from the Utility Billing Department at City Hall.

2) The in-house permanent irrigation meter is installed by the Water Department after a plumber has appropriately diverted the plumbing. This meter is read by the city every month as with the regular water and gas meters. You are only charged for the water that goes through this meter and not the sewer. The typical use for this meter is if you have an underground irrigation system but, you can also have your outside faucets connected to this meter. For a permanent irrigation meter, contact the Public Works department at 515-978-7920. See the current fee schedule for the meter cost (under Public Works: 1" IPEARL irrigation meter).

Unused Irrigation Systems

If you have an irrigation system and do not plan to use it, notify the city by June 15 of each year by contacting the Public Works Department at 515-978-7920. No water consumption will be allowed through your irrigation meter, which could include water usage through your outside spigots or any other fixture plumbed through your irrigation meter. If these criteria are met, a backflow test is not needed. If water consumption is detected on your irrigation meter, a backflow test is required immediately.

Irrigation Meters Without an Irrigation System

If you do not have an irrigation system, then a backflow test is not required. To ensure that you are taken off the irrigation system list, please call the Public Works Department at 515-978-7920.

Backflow Devices

If you have an underground sprinkler system, fire sprinkler system or swimming pool, federal, state and local laws require you to have a Reduced Pressure Backflow Prevention Device. The backflow preventer keeps water from backing through the water system into your drinking water from your irrigation system. A certified inspector registered with the State of Iowa must inspect this device annually. Fill out the backflow preventer test form.

Backflow Testing

The City's cross connection control program is managed by Backflow Solutions, Inc. (BSI). Through the use of a web-based tracking program called BSI Online. BSI provides a more efficient and cost-effective means of managing the city's inventory of backflow prevention assemblies.

If your system doesn't have an approved backflow device, one must be installed and tested.