Capital Improvement Projects

Welcome to the Public Improvement Projects page! 

The City of Waukee is continually working on public improvement projects to repair infrastructure, increase public safety and enhance the community. See the City’s full Capital Improvement Plan to see what projects are on the horizon.

See an interactive map of current public projects:

  1. Streets
  2. Parks
  3. Utilities

Ashworth Road and Ute Avenue Intersection Improvement

Improvements to the intersection of Ashworth Road and Ute Avenue will help traffic move through the area more efficiently. The improvement includes turn lanes at the intersection and a traffic signal.

Estimated Cost:$6,000,000
Estimated Start Date:
August 2021
Estimated Completion Date:
Fall 2023
Concrete Technologies, Inc.
Snyder & Associates

SE Ashworth Road Corridor Improvement

The intersection of SE Ashworth Road and Grand Prairie Parkway will be widened to accommodate a four-lane urban section of roadway and new traffic signals on Ashworth Road. With this improvement, vehicles will be able to access new businesses and amenities in the Kettlestone development more efficiently.

See a map of the project.

Estimated Cost:$6,680,000
Start Date:July 2021
Estimated Completion Date:Fall 2023
Contractor:Alliance Construction Group

Warrior Lane Improvement Phase 2

Improvements include roadway improvements between Park Rd./Ford Ln. north to the Waukee Middle School north entrance drive. Also included is construction of parking lot improvements at the west side of Waukee Middle School. The construction consists of approximately 10,100 square yards of PCC pavement, 690 linear feet of water main, 1,660 linear feet of storm sewer, earthwork, subgrade preparation, manholes, intakes, sidewalk and shared use path paving, surface restoration, landscape plantings, unit pavers, and other associated work.

See a map of the project.

Estimated Cost:$2,535,000
Start Date:March 2022
Estimated Completion Date:Fall 2023
Contractor:Absolute Concrete Construction, Inc.

Waco Place/Hickman Road Traffic Signal

A new traffic signal will be installed at the intersection of Hickman Road and Waco Place.

Estimated Cost:$195,000
Start Date:Fall 2021
Estimated Completion Date:Fall 2023
Engineer:Snyder & Associates