Capital Improvement Projects

Welcome to the Public Improvement Projects page! 

The City of Waukee is continually working on public improvement projects to repair infrastructure, increase public safety and enhance the community. See the City’s full Capital Improvement Plan to see what projects are on the horizon.

See an interactive map of current public projects:

  1. Streets
  2. Parks
  3. Utilities
  4. Miscellaneous

Kettlestone Boulevard Extension

Kettlestone Boulevard is planned to extend east approximately 650 feet to allow access for the Fleet Farm Development. A traffic signal will be included at Grand Prairie Parkway.

Estimated Cost:$1,750,000
Estimated Start Date:
Spring 2020
Estimated Completion Date:
June 2020
Concrete Technologies, Inc.
Foth Infrastructure & Environment

Traffic Signal Enhancements

Adaptive traffic signal control technology will be added at existing signals along Hickman Road, University Avenue, Alice’s Road and Grand Prairie Parkway. The new system uses video sensors to detect vehicles more efficiently than the current pavement triggers.

Estimated Cost:$550,000
Estimated Start Date:July 2020
Estimated Completion Date:November 2020
Contractor:Iowa Signal
Engineer:Snyder & Associates

Alice’s Road Corridor Enhancements

Landscaping and signage within the medians along Alice’s Road (University to Hickman), street trees and street banners

Estimated Cost:$470,000
Estimated Start Date:July 2020
Estimated Completion Date:October 2020
Contractor:Koester Construction
Engineer:Shive Hattery

10th Street/Sunrise Drive (Phase 2 A) Improvements

The City of Waukee is widening NW 10th Street north of Hickman Road ahead of the Waukee Community School District’s fall 2021 opening of Northwest High School. The City of Waukee’s future Triumph Park is located on the site to the east of NW 10th Street. Also, as part of the NW 10th Street project, a portion of Sunrise Drive will be constructed to the east.

See recent pictures of 10th Street.

Estimated Cost:$10 million
Start Date:Fall 2020
Estimated Completion Date:Summer 2021
Contractor:Absolute Concrete Construction
Engineer:Foth Infrastructure & Environment