Downtown Waukee

Downtown Waukee

Downtown Waukee has long been the center of business and commerce for the City of Waukee. Formerly a railroad stop from Des Moines, this quaint business district serves as the center of many community events such as the Farmer's Market, Waukee Fest, Jazz in July, and the 4th of July Parade. Explore the downtown businesses around the Triangle on their website.

The City of Waukee views the downtown as a viable and necessary component to a healthy and vibrant community, and as such has developed a plan to further enhance and expand the downtown area. View a copy of the Downtown Master Plan (PDF).

If you have interest in moving your business downtown, please contact the Development Services Department at 515-978-9533.

Downtown Design Guidelines

The city has made strides in planning for development in the original town center of Waukee the past several years. In early 2009, the City Council adopted the Waukee Downtown Master Plan document created by a graduate-level planning class from Iowa State University's College of Design for the area commonly referred to as the "Triangle." The master plan document included an implementation matrix outlining objectives and measures for achieving the vision of the master plan. One of the primary objectives identified was for the city to create a set of design guidelines specific to the downtown area.

In the spring of 2010, a Downtown Design Committee was established by Mayor Peard and the council to lead the charge in developing a set of design guidelines that could provide further direction into the look and appearance of the downtown as established by the Waukee Downtown Master Plan. The design committee met over a dozen times between March 2010 and September 2011 to formulate a final set of guidelines to present to the City Council. In October 2011, the City Council formally adopted the Downtown Design Guidelines (PDF) as an amendment to the Waukee Downtown Master Plan.

Facade Improvement Program

On March 3, 2012, the Waukee City Council formally adopted a Facade Improvement Program that is administered as a grant application allowing business and/or property owners to apply for funding toward a particular project that would be rebated back to the applicant at the completion of the project. A maximum grant award of $7,500 may be awarded to a project under the terms of the program as a matching grant award that would equal no more than 50% of the total project cost.

The program specifies the eligibility requirements, terms, conditions, and process for requesting a grant award. The Downtown Design Committee is designated as the board overseeing and making recommendation to council on grant applications.

Contact Information

To contact the city with any questions on this program, please contact the Development Services Department at 515-987-4522.