Sidewalk Program

The City of Waukee's Sidewalk Improvement Program was implemented, by Resolution 12-20 (PDF), to provide a safe area for pedestrian travel throughout the city. Sidewalks not only improve the appearance of neighborhoods, they provide a safe separation between vehicular and pedestrian traffic. In addition, properly maintained sidewalks allow safe utilization of walkways by all citizens of our community and our guests.

The sidewalk improvement program provides for the annual pursuit of sidewalk installation, repair, and maintenance. Currently, the City has a 5 year review cycle as shown on the Sidewalk Improvement Map (PDF). Affected property owners will receive a certified letter including an estimate of the repairs to be made to their property, an instructional How-to-Guide, and a contractor list of those who have agreed to perform work at a quoted price. Property owners have 120 days from date of notice to complete the required correction by either engaging a contractor and / or completing the work themselves.

The City of Waukee continues the sidewalk program in an effort to provide safe public walkways for its citizens. This effort benefits everyone who utilizes the sidewalks. It is the concern that drives the sidewalk program. As citizens of Waukee, it is our responsibility to maintain our City. This is an area that each property owner can assist with by taking proactive steps to maintain their sidewalks.

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