Streets Department

The Waukee Streets Department is an integral part of the Public Works Department and takes great pride in keeping streets maintained and safe for all of the citizens. The street system consists of 275.72 paved lane miles and more than 33.62 gravel lane miles within the City limits. Surfaces range from concrete to gravel, sealcoat, asphalt overlay, and asphalt over sub-base with concrete curb and gutter. The many responsibilities of the Streets Department include the following:

  • Maintain city roads and streets. They seal cracks and repair by using concreted and / or asphalt. Maintain gravel roads and shoulders by grading, adding rock, and conducting edge rut spreading.
  • Repair and replace curb, gutter, sidewalk and sidewalk including the building, and setting of forms, pouring concrete, and finishing. Also, repair potholes, manholes, storm sewers, and catch basins
  • Install and maintain road signs in accordance with Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.
  • Remove snow as well as sand / salt streets and sidewalks during the winter months.
  • Sweep streets during spring and summer months.
  • Raise and lower storm sewer covers, inspect and repair, and install storm sewer inlets, culverts, and ditches. Mow and spray road shoulders, ditches, and right-of-way to control weed, and vegetation.