Gas Department

The City of Waukee owns and operates the Gas Utility which serves 6,200 accounts with approximately 112 miles of gas main, including five miles of high pressure main and 14 miles of transmission main. The City has operated the utility since 1966 and continues to offer exceptional service to the citizens and businesses within Waukee. In addition, the city encourages high efficiency appliances and offers a rebate program to help offset the cost of high efficiency gas appliances.

Gas Emergency

If you smell gas, call the 24-Hour emergency number 515-249-1212 immediately.

If Odor is Slight
Open windows and doors to ventilate the area.
Check pilot lights, re-light only if you know how.
Call Waukee Public Works if gas odor persists.

If Gas Odor Is Strong
DO NOT light matches.
DO NOT turn light switches on or off.
DO NOT use the telephone.

If possible, notify everyone in the building to leave immediately.

Call Waukee Public Works / Waukee Municipal Gas from a neighbor's phone 515-249-1212.

DO NOT re-enter your home until the gas company has told you it's safe to do so.

Pilot Light Services

The Waukee Municipal Gas will light pilots free of charge. However, the Gas Department will not do maintenance on gas appliances and reserves the right to refuse this service if the city employee feels it is being abused.

To get your pilot light re-lit, contact the Public Works Office at 515-978-7920.
After business hours contact 515-249-1212.