Gas Rebate Program

The City of Waukee provides rebates for replacement of old gas furnaces and water heaters with high efficiency gas furnaces and water heaters. Rebates are also offered for the purchase of new replacement gas stoves, gas clothes dryers, and gas fireplaces.

Gas Water Heaters

All gas water heaters meeting these efficiency ratings will receive a rebate of $50 including tankless or on-demand water heaters. The following list provides you with the corresponding rebates or each appliance:

  • Gas Water Heaters 30 gallon .61 plus
  • 40 gallon .59 plus
  • 50 gallon .57 plus

Gas Furnaces

All gas furnaces with 92% plus efficiency meeting the efficiency rating will receive a rebate in those amounts.

  • 30,000 - 79,000 Btu/hour $ 75
  • 80,000 plus Btu/hour $150

Other Rebates 

The purchase of a new gas clothes dryer, gas stove, or the installation of a gas log fireplace will also allow you to receive a $25 rebate. Programmable Thermostats that are purchased with two or more temperature settings are eligible for a maximum rebate of 50% of the installed cost up to a maximum of $30.

Rules for Rebates

Rebates are applied following these rules.

  • 1 rebate per appliance
  • No more than 2 per customer
  • Rebate applies to residential customers only
  • Rebate does not apply to commercial customers
  • Rebate does not apply to new construction


You can fill out an online application. Remember, you must also email a scanned receipt of your purchase to before your rebate can be processed.

If you prefer, you can view a rebate application (PDF). The application along with a copy of your receipt of purchase can be mailed to:
Waukee Public Works
805 University Avenue
Waukee, Iowa 50263

For questions regarding the gas rebate, contact the Public Works Office at 515-978-7920.