Understanding Your Bill & Rates

Below is some basic information about the charges on your City of Waukee Utility Bill. Utility Billing staff members are available to answer additional questions you may have at 515-978-5502 or WaukeeUtilities@waukee.org.

See Current Utility Rates

  • A minimum charge will be applied even if no services have been used during the month. This minimum charge covers the costs of metering, service availability, meter reading and customer service.
  • Water and sewer charges are collected for the City of Waukee for the water and sewer services.
  • Natural Gas charges are collected for the City of Waukee for the natural gas service.
  • Stormwater charges are collected from all property owners for maintaining and diverting stormwater run off.
  • Garbage charges are collected on all residential properties for the availability of solid waste and recycling collection services through the City/ASI.
  • Landfill charges are charged to all residential properties for the use of each solid waste hauler to use the landfill, collected for North Dallas Landfill.
  • Sales tax is collected for the State of Iowa on all residential water service and all services for commercial properties.
  • Tag fee is collected as a result of a service termination warning door tag.

New Charges

New charges are due and payable on or before the 20th of each month. Any past due amount is subject to collection procedures specified in the City of Waukee ordinance, which may include certification as a tax lien, be filed against a state income tax refund or result in a small claim court action. A complete schedule of rates and ordinances are available from the City of Waukee.

Late Payment Fee

When a payment is not received by the Waukee Utility Billing Department by 5 on the 20th of the month, a late payment shall be added. The late payment fee is equal to 1.5% of the unpaid balance. When the late payment fee is charged, it will appear on your billing statement as an adjustment.

If a payment is missed, the Utility Billing Department will mail a reminder letter. If payment has not been received within 12 days, the City will post a door tag on the account holder's door as a final reminder. At this point, a fee is assessed for posting the door tag. After the door tag is placed, the occupants have 24 hours to pay the past due balance on the account or make arrangements to do so with Utility Billing staff.

Disconnection & Reconnection Fee

A fee of $50 for gas and $25 for water plus the past due balance must be paid to the City of Waukee prior to reconnection of services. The customer must be home when services are reconnected. Payment must be made at City Hall during regular business hours. The City employee turning off/on the service will not be able to accept payment.

Returned Checks & ACH Payments

A $30 fee will be charged for each check or ACH payment issued to the City of Waukee that is not honored by the customer's bank or other financial institution.