Winter Weather Information

The City of Waukee works diligently to keep residents safe and informed during winter weather storms. Please review these polices as well as a current map of Emergency Snow Routes (PDF) that was established to provide residents with main travel routes throughout winter weather storms.


Property owners must remove any accumulated snow and ice from the sidewalk within 24 hours after it has stopped snowing (Waukee Municipal Code §218). Also, snow cannot be moved or deposited onto neighboring properties or in public streets. Property owners found to be in violation of this ordinance shall be subject to assessments or fines.

The Waukee Fire Department also asks that property owners move snow from around fire hydrants. Snow around hydrants makes them difficult to locate in an emergency.

Garbage and Recycling Pick-Up

The city will make every attempt to keep residents up-to-date with weather-related changes in garbage and recycling pick-up schedules via the city website. If you have questions about your regularly scheduled pick-up, please call Utility Billing at 515-978-5502.

Where to Find Emergency Information

Emergency and weather-related information can be found on city website, Government Access Cable Channel 7/Digital 86, and the television and radio stations listed above under "Snow Ordinance."

Snow Emergency Alerts through Nixle

The Nixle program allows the Waukee Police Department to instantly connect with residents via text message and e-mail to relay important, neighborhood-level information, such as snow ordinance declarations and winter weather issues. You can register online. If you have any questions on the Nixle program, contact the Waukee Police Department at 515-978-7979.