Stormwater Best Management Practices Reimbursement Program

The City of Waukee has a Stormwater Best Management Practices Reimbursement Program to create partnerships with residents and businesses to aid and improve water quality in Waukee. Stormwater is the water that runs off of impervious surfaces (paved surfaces, roofs and compacted lawns) from rain, snow melt and surface drainage. As the stormwater drains over the landscape it can collect sediment, contaminants, litter, nutrients and other pollutants.

Allowing rainwater to infiltrate/percolate or slow down close to the point of contact with an impervious surface through the use of stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) provides pollutants and sediment a chance to settle out rather than continuing downstream. Included in the list of BMPs to assist in post-construction water quality improvement are rain gardens and rain barrels. These practices can help improve the water quality of our creeks and assist in the improvement of water quality downstream.

Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens are landscaped depressions that captures rainwater runoff. The installation of a rain garden increases sustainability by allowing rainfall to be absorbed slowly through the soil, ultimately recharging groundwater and minimizing runoff. The City will match 50 percent of a project's cost of materials and/or contract labor, up to $1,000 per property. The City will reimburse up to $15,000 to projects annually (July 1-June 30). Apply online, or print the Rain Garden application (PDF). Download the Rain Garden brochure (PDF)

Rain Barrels

Rain Barrels are used for the collection and storage of rainwater from rooftops via a downspout. Water collected can be used to water plants, lawns and gardens. Rain barrels help reduce stormwater runoff and encourage water conservation. City rain barrel rebates are offered for the purchase price up to a maximum of $50, on a one-time basis per customer. The funding allows for 30 rebate recipients per year (July 1-June 30). Apply online, or print the Rain Barrel application (PDF). View a Rain Barrel Brochure (PDF).

Commercial Credit

Commercial Stormwater fees are based on the impervious surface area on the site. The program's credit would reduce a portion of the customer's Stormwater fee. The maximum allowable credit for which commercial properties are eligible is 25 percent of the total stormwater utility bill. The Waukee Public Works Department determines on a case-by-case basis how much credit a site will receive based on an application and site plan showing specifics of projects such as permeable pavers, soil quality restoration, native landscaping, bioretention and infiltration practices. Contact Kevin Vrchoticky via email or call 515-978-7926 to inquire about this program.

Residential soil quality restoration reimbursements will be considered in the future. Stay tuned!

Rainscaping Iowa Website

For additional information regarding these practices, visit the Rainscape Iowa website, a statewide educational campaign.