Marketing & Communications

The Marketing & Communications Department is committed to communicating timely, accurate and relevant news and information to Waukee residents and businesses in order to enhance quality of life, promote transparent government and encourage engaged citizenry. The department also works to elevate Waukee's identity and opportunities to prospective job creators, community groups, key policy decision makers and the media.

  1. New U.S. Census Numbers Show Nine Percent Growth for Waukee

    New population data released by the U.S. Census Bureau estimates Waukee’s population on July 1, 2017 was 20,649 residents, a growth of 9 percent. This is the highest percentage of growth by any Des Moines metro area city within that 12-month span. Read on...
  2. Speed Limit in Alice's Road Construction Zone Drops to 25 mph

    Due to construction, the speed limit on the stretch of Alice's Road from SE Olson Drive to NE Horizon Drive is now 25 mph. This speed limit will be posted and enforced throughout the entirety of Phase 5 of this project.
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