Marketing & Communications

The Marketing & Communications Department is committed to communicating timely, accurate and relevant news and information to Waukee residents and businesses in order to enhance quality of life, promote transparent government and encourage engaged citizenry. The department also works to elevate Waukee's identity and opportunities to prospective job creators, community groups, key policy decision makers and the media.

  1. Waukee Celebrates Gas Utility Workers’ Day

    The City of Waukee is observiong the national Gas Utility Workers’ Day on March 18. This day gives recognition to the employees who provide one of our most valuable assets—the natural gas utility. Read on...
  2. Changes Coming to HIRTA Public Transit in Dallas County

    Effective April 1, 2019, HIRTA Public Transit will no longer be operated by HomeCare Services, Inc. of Dallas County. HIRTA Public Transit will provide their own transit services throughout Dallas County. Read on...
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