Boards and Commissions

The City of Waukee utilizes boards, commissions and committees made up of volunteer Waukee residents. These groups help to shape public policy and assist in various advisory capacities, allowing the City to benefit from the knowledge of a wide range of community representatives. Several boards and commissions are quasi-judicial, which means the State Code of Iowa has designated some legislative authority to them.

Apply for City boards and commissions! Typically, openings for boards and commissions occur at the end of terms. The City of Waukee will publish notice of the application window in the fall for terms starting in 2023. You may submit your application form at any time but may be asked to resubmit in the fall application season. They mayor reviews applications and choose appointees. 

Note that the Waukee Public Library Board of Trustees operates on a different schedule and a different application form. 

Apply for the Waukee Public Library Board of Trustees!