About Waukee

The City of Waukee is recognized as the fastest-growing (large) city in Iowa and is located in Dallas County—the fourth fastest growing county in the U.S. Waukee offers a friendly, community-oriented vibe featuring quality schools, parks, trails, entertainment and enrichment opportunities. The City is also dedicated to economic development and business opportunities, including the expansion of both the mixed-use development Kettlestone and the highly-traveled Hickman Road corridor.


General Lewis Addison (L.A.) Grant and Major William Ragan purchased the land which would become Waukee in 1869. The Des Moines Valley Railroad was built, and many businesses popped up after that. The City of Waukee was incorporated on July 2, 1878. Waukee was primarily a bustling coal mine community up until 1949 when Iowa’s largest producer of coal – The Shuler Mine – closed down. Ever since its humble beginnings, Waukee residents and City leaders have worked hand-in-hand to achieve successful growth. Read more in-depth details about Waukee’s rich history.

Population Details

The 2020 U.S. Census numbers show that Waukee's population is 23,940 residents. Since 2010, the community grew by 10,150 residents equaling 74 percent growth. It is estimated that the City grows by six residents per day. As the City continues to invest in infrastructure and amenities, and the Waukee Community School District continues to attract people with its quality education and programs, growth in and around Waukee is expected to continue. City officials project that Waukee’s population could reach 35,000 by the year 2030. The median resident age is 32.1, and Waukee’s median household income is $94,617. 

Continuing Community Development.

Waukee continues to grow and develop. In 2020, a record 1,489 building permits were issued for a total valuation of $245.7 million. While residential development has been strong for years, Waukee is really making a name for itself lately in the realm of commercial development. Apple announced plans in 2017 to build its largest data center to date in the western part of Waukee. Holmes Murphy opened in the Kettlestone development in 2018. Fridley Theatres’ Palms Theatres & IMAX multiplex opened in early 2019. And, Fleet Farm opened in Waukee in August 2020.