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Posted on: September 20, 2022

5 things to know as summer transitions to fall

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1. Empty Your Pool or Hot Tub with Care

Chlorine and other chemicals used to keep your pool or spa clean cause BIG problems for fish and other aquatic life. Follow these steps to avoid compromising water downstream when you empty your pool or hot tub/spa.

  • Allow the pool or spa to sit for at least 7 days without adding chlorine or other chemicals; the chlorine content should be 0.1 milligrams per liter.
  • Ensure the pH of the pool / spa water is between 7 and 8.
  • Drain water through at least 15 feet of a grassy landscape first (i.e., not directly onto concrete) to allow remaining chemicals to dissipate before reaching the storm drain.
  • Keep the flow of water low (aim for 700 gallons per hour = 12 gallons per minute or so) in order to prevent erosion and having to fix the landscaped area later.

2. Winding Down Irrigation

Adjust or turn off sprinklers
Without the long hours of hot sun and limited rainfall, your lawn won’t need as much water to stay healthy. Save water and money by reducing run days and length or turning off your sprinklers for the season.

Store portable irrigation meters
Take your portable meters inside for the winter to avoid damage from freezing weather. Don’t forget to report your final meter reading to to get your credit!

3. Review Gas Safety Information

As you prepare for colder temperatures and turning on your heat, take a few minutes to review important gas safety information. If your home is heated by the City-managed natural gas utility, watch your mailbox for a natural gas safety brochure. Please review the information about safe digging, carbon monoxide, gas meter care, identifying gas leaks and more. If you smell gas or suspect a gas leak, leave your property immediately and call the City’s emergency gas hotline at 515-249-1212.

In October, American Research Associates will conduct a phone survey as part of a federally mandated program to assess public awareness about gas safety. If you receive a call from a 515 number with a caller ID displaying “research” or something similar, please answer to complete the short survey. The survey company will identify themselves as calling on behalf of the City of Waukee and will only ask questions about natural gas safety.

4. New Hours for Trailside Dog Park

During fall, winter and spring, Trailside Dog Park is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Please be respectful to the neighbors around the dog park and only use the park during these hours of operation. Always keep an eye on your dog to ensure safety of park visitors, canine and human. Additionally, keep the park enjoyable for all by cleaning up your pet’s waste.

Dogs must have a valid annual pass tag attached to their collars, visible at all times. Waukee residents must license all dogs with the City of Waukee PRIOR to applying for a Trailside Dog Park pass. Non-residents must purchase an annual or one-day non-resident park pass in order to enter the Trailside Dog Park, but City of Waukee pet licenses are not required.

Find details on park passes and registering your pet here.

5. Splash Pads Closed for the Season

After September 18, the splash pad at Fox Creek Park and bubblers/sprayers at Westown Meadows Park are closed for the season and will reopen in late May, weather permitting.

Thank You to Seasonal Staff!

To ensure our parks, city properties, infrastructure and more are in great shape for residents, the City of Waukee employs a number of seasonal staff throughout the summer. Shout out to all the staff members who helped make it a great season! We appreciate your contributions and hope to see you on staff again next year.

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