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Trades Permit Application

  1. Trades Permit Application
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    Except as provided by law, where work has been started prior to obtaining a permit, the regular fee therefore shall be doubled. Every permit shall expire six (6) months from the date of issuance, unless the application is accompanied by a construction schedule of specific longer duration. No work shall be concealed or covered until approved by the inspector. Work that is not approved shall be considered incomplete. The permittee is assumed to be knowledgeable of the Code, and all questions should be resolved prior to installation. Permits are non-transferable - all work shall be performed by permittee or his/her employee. The Applicant affirms that he/she has reviewed and is familiar with the provisions of the current Waukee Municipal Code and all State Codes with Amendments and will defend, indemnify, protect and save harmless the City and its employees from any and all liability, from any claim or cause of action which any person may have, or claim to have, by reason of any actual or alleged failure on the part of the undersigned to comply with the terms and provisions thereof.
  5. General Fees
    $75.00 Subject to change due to City adopted Ordinances. Further charges may be issued upon review of any and all submitted materials.
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