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Urban Chickens (Hens) Permit Application

  1. Property Owner
  2. 1) Is this lot fenced?*
  3. 2) Is this a Single Family Dwelling?*
  4. 3) Which of the following applies to this dwelling:*
  5. 4) Are you adding a new structure for the chicken(s)?
  6. If structure is larger than 120 square feet, do you have a building permit?
  7. 5) Have you notified all adjacent property owners/occupants of your intention to harbor hens?*
  8. Have you checked the covenants for your neighborhood?*
  9. 6) Have you completed the REQUIRED Backyard Poultry Basics Class through ISU Extension and Outreach?*
  10. 7) Have you been denied, suspended or revoked a permit per Chapter 57?*
  11. Terms and Conditions

    Pursuant to Chapter 57 Permit Required – This application and supporting documents shall be submitted by the Permitee and approved by the City to raise, harbor or keep chickens (hens) within the city limits of Waukee. By signing this application, the applicant attests to having read and understood the requirements of this ordinance and affirms that all submitted information is true and correct. It is further understood that a maximum of six female chickens (hens) are allowed for each tract of land one half (1/2) acre or less. For a tract of land greater than one-half (1/2) acre, an additional six female chickens (hens) are allowed for each additional one-half (1/2) acre up to a maximum of 30 female chickens (hens). Hens shall only be placed on the applicant-occupied permanent address. *Hen House/Chicken Tractor must be at least six feet from the residence, 10 feet from the property line and 25 feet from any neighboring structure or occupancy. If approved, this permit is good for one (1) year from the date of issuance for an annual fee of $25. This permit is intended for the applicant and is considered non-transferable. The applicant understands and agrees to not allow their hens to become a nuisance or a burden on the community which violates this or other applicable City codes. Failure to comply with the provisions of this or related ordinances shall result in fees, fines, penalties and possible revocation in accordance to law. Checks shall be made payable and delivered or mailed to: Waukee Development Services, Attn: Urban Chickens Permit, 204 W. Hickman Road, Waukee, IA 50263. The office will also accept cash payments in person.

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