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Mobile Food Unit Permit App

  1. Mobile Food Unit Permit Application
  2. Project Information
  3. Mobile Food Unit Information
  4. Property Owner's Information:
  5. Mobile Food Unit Requirements
  6. 1. Applicant shall comply with all requirements as specified within the Waukee Food Truck Pilot Program.
  7. 2. All applicable health standards and licensing as required by the State, County or Municipality should be met. Copies of all licenses should be provided as a part of the application.
  8. 3. Parking required by the Mobile Food Unit shall be provided on site or provided by adequate street parking available in the immediate area.
  9. 4. All activities (signs, displays, etc.) associated with the Mobile Food Unit must be located outside of all public right-of-way and shall be located as to not obstruct vision clearance at intersections.
  10. 5. Every mobile food unit must pass an inspection from the Waukee Fire Department prior to operation. If the unit has been inspected by a Des Moines metro community, an inspection is not required. Proof of inspection must be provided.
  11. Permit Fee
  12. Food Truck Permit: $50
  13. Fees may be payed by either bringing payment to the Waukee Community Development Services office (204 W. Hickman Rd.) or mailing a check to Waukee City Hall (230 Hickman Rd.)
  14. Site Plans
  15. A site plan generally depicting the location of the Mobile Food Unit in relation to its surroundings (adjacent street(s), building(s), parking to be used by patrons, distance from public right-ofway/intersections) should be attached to this application. Site Plan is not required to be drawn to scale but should provide real and accurate measurements. Site plan should also identify number of parking stalls to be used if any.
  16. Acknowledgment
  17. I hereby acknowledge that I have read this application and state the above information is correct and accurate and agree to comply with all City Ordinances and State Laws regulating this activity.
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