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Off-Duty Police Officer Work Request

  1. Information
    Waukee Police Officers are available to work assignments for members of the public and organizations as needed for security and other purposes. To request an officer, please fill out this form and verify that the requirements for hiring an officer will be met prior to the work being available for assignment to officer(s). Please see below for requirements set by the Waukee Police Department for employment of off-duty officers.
  2. Rules

    The following information from all prospective employers shall be on file with the Waukee Police Department at all times and shall be reviewed annually:

    • Each officer shall be paid $65 per hour with a two-hour minimum for the job.

    • Payment is expected to be made prior to the event unless alternative arrangements are made; if hours exceed prepaid total, an invoice will be mailed by the department.

    • If a prospective employer cancels the job within the 72-hour bumping deadline, they will be responsible for a two-hour minimum pay out to each off-duty position requested. The-72 hour period is considered to start at noon on the third day preceding the job.

    • Once off-duty officers show up at an off-duty job, they will be paid for the entire contracted time. Officers will not be allowed or expected to participate in any activity which is not security or police-related.

    • If a particular job cannot be filled by a Waukee Police Officer, the job may be offered to officers of neighboring departments.

    • A good faith effort will be made to fill the requested job position(s) but neither the City of Waukee nor the Waukee Police Department are under any obligation to fill the positions. If the job cannot be filled for any reason, the prospective employer will be contacted by phone and informed of such at least 24 hours before the job is to begin.

    Questions may be directed via email to or by phone at (515) 978-7979.

  3. By clicking the submit button, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to comply with the conditions and requirements as listed for hiring a police officer to work in an off-duty capacity. I understand that a representative of the department will contact me via telephone or email during normal business hours to confirm the requested service.*
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