Waukee Railroad Pergola

Waukee Railroad Pergola: In the Shadow of the Rails is a 350-foot long trailhead gateway and the centerpiece of a regional vision plan to unify and enhance the 89-mile Raccoon River Valley Trail Corridor as a nationally recognized visitor destination. A key component of the initiative is the construction of commonly themed iconic public art installations at trail towns and trailheads along the route, establishing a common identity for promoting and marketing the Corridor and its 14 communities.

This installation was designed and constructed by the RDG Dahlquist Art Studio. The “In the Shadow of the Rails” theme was selected for its regional relevance, which reflects and celebrates the railroad heritage shared by all trail communities. The present-day trail system operates virtually “in the shadow” of the original rails, renewing vitality, commerce and the historic connections which link these population centers. When completed, the 89-mile project will be the longest linear public art installation in the country! See more facts and figures about the installation.

Thanks to the Waukee Betterment Foundation and the dozens of donors for making this project a reality.

Trailhead Art Ribbon Cutting