Fox Creek Splash Pad

splash pad girl - credit melissa van vlairThe Fox Creek Splash Pad is closed for the 2022 season. Opening date for the 2023 season will be shared in the spring.

The Fox Creek Splash Pad is a recirculating splash pad which features multiple spray features, bubblers and fountains. It is located in the heart of Waukee’s Fox Creek Park. Admission is free! Parking is located in the center of the park, accessible via Westgate Drive. 

See Fox Creek Splash Pad rules.

Note About Splash Pad Activators

Fox Creek Splash Pad has four sensors or "activators" located around the edges of the splash pad floor. The activators will respond to either a foot or hand. All four sensors do the exact same thing which is turn the entire system on. Each time an activator is triggers, the system runs for four minutes before needing to be reactivated. Once activated, 80 percent of the splash pad features turn on at once; the splash pad rotates which 80 percent are running at a time every 15 seconds. If a favorite feature does not come on right away after hitting an activator, just wait and it should come on soon!

Photo credit: Melissa Van Vlair