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Centennial Park Ball Fields


  1. Baseball / Softball Diamonds
  2. Concession Stands
  3. Restrooms

There are three ball fields located at Centennial Park which can be reserved for competitive and recreational teams in the local area.Teams looking to reserve a ball field for practice can utilize the Waukee Parks & Recreation online reservation system. The online reservation dates and weeks are listed below. Reservations are available at no cost for practicing through July 8. 

2018 ball reservation dates

Teams are allowed one hour of practice time per week (M-F). Weekend time slots will be open as well for one additional hour. Available fields include: Centennial Park Fields 1-3 and Warrior Park Fields 4-7. Reservations will only be accepted online, starting at 10 a.m. on the online reservation date listed.

Field users must complete a team form once per season, prior to making reservations. The form can be filled out online, or email Josh VandeKamp to request a PDF or printed copy.

Actual field reservations from March 19-July 8 are only accepted online. Reserve today!!!

Beginning July 9, teams can reserve a field according to the fee schedule below. After this date, reservations can be submitted via email to Josh VandeKamp or by calling 515-978-0007.

Reservation   Fees Deposit
1-hour rental $25 per field  
One field, including one dragging of field $85 per day $50
Two fields, including one dragging of fields $160 per day $100
Three fields, including one dragging of fields $245 per day $150
Field Lights $35 per field per day  
Field Chalked $15 per field chalked  
Field Drag $15 per field dragged  
Bag of Chalk $8 per bag  
Bag of Field Dry $13 per bag