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Waukee Stormwater Grant Application

  1. Property Information
  2. Primary Applicant Information
    Note: The primary applicant bust be the Owner of the property above, or an Official Representative of the HOA.
  3. Project Details
  4. Proposed Best Management Practice*
  5. Please select the planned Best Managment Practice(s):*
  6. For reimbursements to be awarded documents showing the following information for all projects must be submitted via email to,
  7. Project Schedule
  8. Estimated Project Cost
  9. Attach detailed breakdown of items. Grant amount is not to exceed 50% of project costs or $5,000 per property. Only out of pocket expenses will be considered; property owner’s time or labor will not be reimbursed.
    By signing this agreement, the property owner agrees to the terms of the Stormwater Grant Program, including the conditions for reimbursement and for keeping the grant in good standing. If the terms of the Stormwater Grant Program are not met at any time, the grant may be revoked and reimbursement denied.
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